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    Motor >>>>>



    Motor >>>>>

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:22 pm


    motor are electromagnetic machines that covert electrical energy into
    mechanical energy to drive loads in continuous angular rotation.

    Types of electric motors:

    1. DC Motor (direct current)

    - Starter motors and
    Emergency Lube Oil pump of Gas turbine, Diesel and Gas engines.

    Power by backup batteries and running only during start up and emergency
    shutdowns. Major failures are uncommon and a proper preventive maintenance
    inspection (brush and brush gear, slip rings commutates) will ensure

    Main parts of motor:

    Brushes & Brush Kits

    Brush Springs


    Field Coils

    Motor Mounts


    Brush Holders

    Bearing and Seals

    2. AC Motor (alternator current)

    - 3 phase squirrel
    cage induction motor

    Hundreds of these motor driving mostly
    pump and compressors rating
    ranging from<1KM to10KW.

    Induction motor should have:

    - A rotating magnetic fie.

    - Conductor supported in manner permitting
    free rotation.

    3. AC Single phase

    - Principle of working is same as of
    3-phase motor, but this motors not self started need permanent capacitor start
    induction run motor.

    4. Main parts of motor:

    - Stator: core is laminated and is provided
    with slots.

    - Rotor: this is built up of laminated
    iron strips.

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